Weight Loss

Obesity is the root of many other health problems for  many Americans and must be addressed. People over a certain age with weight problems almost always have other serious conditions which are a sign of poor health -hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, and greatly increased cardiovascular risk. Our question for the person who says he/she wants to lose weight is: Do you want to be healthier or just thinner?  Do you recognize the serious health problems that you may have and do you want to get rid of them? We have been very successful with individuals who are motivated to reclaim their health. They are ready to begin helping themselves.

We treat each patient as an individual. Different people gain weight for different reasons. If the overall health and history of the patient is assessed by a clinically trained nutritionist, metabolic imbalances, nutrient deficiencies, and toxic exposures contributing to the problem can be identified and addressed.

The most exciting part for us as we watch our patients learn how to help themselves and become healthier is that those who have been on medications often no longer need them. This is a true sign of good health-many people mistakenly think that medications buy good health. In truth, good habits earn good health.

There is some controversy about what constitutes a healthy diet. It is easier than you think, but unfortunately it is not well known. Americans have gotten lost in a sea of commercialism and advertising by special interests groups. Want to learn more? Call us today. 540-343-6636