Local Food

Michael and Monica Burgoon have been supporters of the Weston A. Price Foundation  for many years.  Please visit the Foundation’s website to learn more and to become a member.

Here’s a list of local food resources that sell products that reflect the values of Dr. Price as described in detail in his book “Nutrition and Physical Degeneration”.  We want to connect you to sources for the best foods in our community while supporting local farmers and retailers who offer the quality foods we need to be eating for optimal health and healing. Also, Monica offers nutrition classes at Towers Family Chiropractic that aim to educate while  guiding participants in implementation of dietary and lifestyle changes; we use recipes, food tasting, and group support to inspire our students (see our testimonials from graduates of the nutrition classes).  Contact our office to sign up for the next class.

Please check back regularly as this list is subject to change.  Here is the current food resource list:


Bleu Phoenix Farm, Moneta, VA       540-588-9642   EGGS

1 dozen eggs  $5.50.  Free-range chickens fed non-GMO, antibiotic/hormone-free feed.  Pick up sites in Roanoke.


Broadview Ranch, Lexington, VA  801-564-7336   BEEF, PORK, EGGS

Beef is 100% pasture-raised–fed no grains.  Pigs and chickens are pasture-raised and supplemented with non-GMO feed.  All are regularly rotated on pasture and the pigs are rotated through timber land.  Have home delivery program to your door once a month with no long-term commitments.  Also sell at the Roanoke farmers’ market downtown every Saturday.


Mountain Run Farm, Sedalia,VA     434-299-5193         BEEF, PORK

Pasture-raised beef and pork.  100% grass-fed beef.  Pigs fed GM-free grains also.  Products available at the farm store.  Details and prices available at www.mountainrunfarm.com


Our Father’s Farm, Fuhrmann Family, Gretna, VA  434-656-1188  BEEF, POULTRY, EGGS, COW MILK SHARES, SEASONAL PRODUCE

Pasture-raised beef, dairy, and poultry.  100% grass-fed beef.  Poultry feed is antibiotic/hormone/GMO/soy-free.  Dairy cows mostly grass-fed with some organic, soy-free feed.  Farm store at the farm opened Wednesdays and Saturdays but visitors need to call ahead.  Drop off every Tuesday in Roanoke for called-in orders at Herbs 777 on Peters Creek Rd.  Details and prices available at www.ourfathersfarmva.com/


Kohl Carter, Lexington, VA 801-564-7336 GRASS FINISHED BEEF, EGGS, PORK

100% grass finished beef and non-GMO forested pork (wholes, halves, and quarters available for sale), non GMO pastured eggs.  Also, CSA with home delivery program in Roanoke, VA.


The Sweetland Farm, Floyd, VA   540-585-4664     COW MILK SHARES

Pasture-raised Jersey cows fed organic, soy-free feed.  Two pick-up sites in Roanoke–call for details.   www.thesweetland.com.



Earthfare whole foods market on Franklin Rd. www.earthfare.com

Roanoke Natural Foods Co-op

Member-owned natural foods co-operative offering a full line of organic produce and other organic foods.     www.roanokenaturalfoods.com


Nature’s Outlet

Natural Foods stores with 3 locations in the Roanoke Valley:  Electric Rd, Valley View Blvd. and Salem.  www.naturesoutlet.net



There are several farmers markets that offer locally grown produce in the Roanoke Valley.  Visit www.localharvest.org for a list.  The Greenbriar Farmers Market that has recently opened is not yet on the list.  They are located in southwest Roanoke county in the parking lot of the Greenbriar Nursery and operate on Thursdays from 2-7.